What We Believe

Church @ The Depot is a non-denominational Christian faith community that adheres to the beliefs and practices of historic orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical Christianity.  The best expressions of our faith are found in the historic Apostles' and Nicene Creeds.

Our church is truly interdenominational in the sense that people from a wide range of denominational backgrounds (i.e. Baptist, Pentecostal, Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.) participate in our community.  Even though we may not agree on all aspects of doctrine, we are united by our faith in Christ and in our mission to love and serve others in His Name.

The most effective way to learn about our faith is to get to know the people of our community and experience the life of our church.  There, you'll find that we believe:

  • That the timeless teachings of Jesus Christ are the most practical source of wisdom available to people.
  • That each person has a God-given gift, ability, or experience that is given for the purpose of benefiting others.
  • That God loves us unconditionally and invites us to know Him personally.
  • That Jesus Christ is God's one and only Son.
  • That Jesus loves you just the way you are, but also that He loves you too much to let you stay that way.
  • That the Bible is a flawless handbook that helps us succeed in life and gives straight answers for issues relating to work, family, relationships, values, eternity, and anything else we encounter.
  • That demonstrable life change begins when we put Jesus in charge of our hearts and lives.
  • That genuine life change is a process rather than an event.
  • That the most effective contexts for life change are Christ-centered relationships defined by grace and patience.