Regathering Plan

Additional Updates

CLICK HERE to read Pastor Matt's May 29 Update


March 15 - May 31

Worship online at home through Facebook live or our website each Sunday at 10:30am.  Weekly parent resources will be posted on Facebook Fridays at NOON.

All on-campus activities during phase 1 are cancelled, including Celebrate Recovery and Elevate Student Ministries who are currently meeting online throughout the week. 

Phase 2 - online + house parties

Starting June 7 - TBD

Rather than regathering in one location with one service, at one time, or even with multiple services, we will regather in 10, 15, 20 or more locations throughout our community – in your homes, but not alone.  Join with other families and individuals in groups no larger than 25 to engage our live-streamed service  together.

Interested in Hosting? CLICK HERE  Register Your House Party - CLICK HERE

Why Meet in a Home?

Our church is built around the idea of practicing the ways of Jesus TOGETHER.  That idea of “together” - of community - is both MORE than a Sunday gathering AND even more difficult given our current circumstances.  We also know that a key part of your apprenticeship with the real Jesus is finding, growing in, and belonging to a community that a Sunday morning gathering helps to facilitate, but cannot do on its own.   With that said, we believe that there is an OPPORTUNITY in HOW and WHEN we regather to live into who we are wanting to become as apprentices of Jesus - TOGETHER.

Opening our homes, for those who feel comfortable, will provide community, fellowship, and connection as we safely adjust to a new normal. Meeting virtually has been great, but nothing can compare to meeting in person. Meeting in homes will help some of us to adjust physically and emotionally after such a long season of being at home.  As you consider meeting in a home, we encourage you to follow all CDC  and West Virginia Department of Health recommended guidelines.

Two Ideas for Creating Your House Party:

1.  Self-Directed:  Reach out to family, friends, neighbors, or other people from the church to create your own house party behind the scene, then let us know that you are planning to host a house party so we can partner with you.  Click Here to Register Your House Party

2.  Church-Directed:  Fill out the "interested in hosting form" above and allow us to create an online RSVP system for others to signup for your group based on the information you provide.

Items to consider as you host:

  1. Review and Consider the current Health and Safety recommendations to develop your plan.
  2. Consider when and where you will meet.
  3. Have technology set up ahead of time.
  4. Consider your approach to engaging children during the gathering.
  5. Gather pens/pencils, crayons/markers (for any children).
  6. Singing out loud might seem awkward. Embrace it!
  7. Take a photo of the group gathering and post on social media tagging the church.

Health and Safety:

In a group gathering we are encouraging you to follow CDC guidelines and West Virginia Department of Health recommendations. We encourage the host to thoroughly clean the meeting area and any available restrooms. This gathering should limit “touches” as much as possible. For example, avoid hugs, shaking hands, elbow bumps, or other greetings involving touch. Also, the host could prop doors open to avoid touching door handles.

When Should We Meet?

House parties can occur on a Sunday morning during our normal service time or throughout the week using the church website or Facebook Live.  All house parties will be available for you to RSVP to soon.

Another Option to Consider:

An alternative to meeting in a home would be meeting AT a home. Groups could choose to meet in a yard, driveway, cul-de-sac, etc. This could provide more space and ease safety concerns. When meeting outside be sure to check the weather forecast and consider how technology could be used outside. Meeting outside could be a great opportunity to create community with your neighbors.

These are just a few of the items you want to consider as you host or lead a smaller gathering in a home. Until we are able to all be together again on campus, think of how you can creatively and safely begin the process of gathering together again in person.

Phase 3 - online + gathering at the church

Timeline TBD

In the final phase of our regathering plan, we will consider how, when, and what is involved in regathering in person at the church.  Safety measures, as well as how to properly engage student and children's ministry, are a key aspect of this plan.  Our team is closely monitoring the fluid nature of how the state continues to open and their recommendations for larger public gatherings in formulating this phase of the planning.

If you have any questions, please email