New Rhythms due to COVID-19

Celebrate Recovery is current meeting ONLINE via ZOOM and Facebook Live Wednesday's at 6:30pm.  CLICK HERE to join the online group.

Freedom from Your Hurts, Hang-ups , & Habits

6:30pm  | Church @ The Depot | Auditorium | Childcare Available for Birth-5th Grade | Elevate Youth for Middle & High School Students

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a Christ-centered recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind. It is a safe place to find community and freedom from issues that are controlling our lives.

Most of us struggle with something that interrupts our relationship with God and others. All of life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups are addressed through this one curriculum.

If you have anything that hinders your relationships, personal growth, or your walk with God, you can benefit from Celebrate Recovery by finding the support and help you need.

I'm not a substance abuser.  Why should I come?

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is for any kind of struggle or behavior that controls us or keeps us from thriving in our lives.

In fact, 2 out of 3 people who attend CR struggle with something other than substance abuse, such as:

anger, depression, marriage problems, grief, eating disorders, anxiety, sexual integrity, intimacy and relationship issues, physical, mental and sexual abuse, low self-esteem, abandonment and many other hurts, habits or hang-ups, including alcohol and drug dependence and abuse.

Many come because a friend or family member is struggling. When someone we love hurts, we hurt too and we need support as well!

What should I expect?

CR provides opportunity for you to “soak it in” or share if you need to. A typical evening looks like this:

6:00-6:30 – Refreshments 
coffee, drinks, and snacks in our coffee shop
* Dinner will be served the first Wednesday of each month

6:30- 7:30 Large Group Session
Praise & Worship, lesson or personal testimony

6:30-6:50 – Newcomers 101
If you are new to Celebrate Recovery, have questions or just need to get connected, this is the group for you!

7:30-8:30 – Open Share Groups
Support others and share struggles in gender-specific groups • CR staff will provide directions to group locations.

8:45- Childcare Ends
Building closes at 9:00PM.